Sharing Sparks Creativity

Jan 23, 2013

This past weekend, as part of a Spirit of the Senses  salon held at the Bentley Projects Gallery in Downtown Phoenix, Mark Pomilio discussed his art with the participants.  Mr. Pomilio described the evolution of his current body of work consisting of large charcoal geometric drawings on paper that were then mounted and displayed on more than one intersecting plane.  In his description, he alluded to the various tests and experimentation needed to develop solutions to problems of materials and engineering.  As I listened to his description of the evolution of his work, I was acutely reminded of the inevitability of change, not only in the natural world, but also in our creative process.  And change means risk – the risk to try something new and to experience the unfamiliar.

Mark’s multi-planed pieces inspired in me the momentum to move forward with some ideas that have been fermenting in my own process for some time.  My own creative juices flowed.  The intersecting planes of his pieces confirmed the possibility, and even certainty, that solutions do exist. For some time, tossing and turning in my mind’s eye has been the restless idea of combining the acrylic/watercolor techniques that I’ve been developing for awhile with a dimensional surface.  But how?  Until now, I had not yet actually undertaken the experimentation needed to discover a means of accomplishing my vision.  Today, that vision took a significant mental leap.

With this leap, I am also reminded of the power of sharing with others.  For a while, I have tended to isolation, but this past weekend, springing from the seed of my willingness to experience something new i.e. Artlink’s second annual Collector’s Tour, the universe coalesced to provide the psychic fuel that sparked

my own creative experimentation.  That psychic fuel was listening to Mr. Pomilio and viewing his work.