As Scary as Taking My Sunday Clothes Off on Main Street

In joyous abandon, these women dance under a new moon. It's a new time - a new year in a new world.  On New Year's Day, my youngest daughter and I had brunch.  Since I had asked her to advise me on building an online presence, it was a business meeting.  I prepared and placed my laptop amid the teacups and fruit bowls.  I knew I had a lot to learn and I was ready.   With her support, I prepared to lower myself into the intimidating pool of internet marketing.   But to make a long story shorter, no, I did not yet need to know more of what was out there.  She persuaded me that none of internet’s power would be mine unless I was willing to share myself with ughh, (gulp) - complete strangers.   Simone emphasized that my first step was to generate content.  I thought that's what my paintings were.  But, no, she chided me. My paintings, by themselves, were not enough.    More was needed - videos, stories of my escapades, triumphs, and struggles as a painter, ways to connect with others...  I tried not to panic at the idea of “exposing” myself. Clearly, I needed to explore – and more importantly, reveal, more of me. I asked, my poetry?  She said, yes, my poetry.  So, since New Year's Day I have been contemplating how to do this.  I love to write almost as much as painting.  Revealing myself in the silence of a notebook or studio was not difficult. But, for me, an independent-minded introvert, formed in the mold of two resourceful and self-reliant New Englander parents,  this is as scary as taking one's Sunday clothes off on Main Street. And yet, still... I realize that internet is the most accessible form of marketing for me.  This morning, I could identify with the ambivalence of my young dog, Henry, who truly danced in anticipation of his daily jaunt around the neighborhood, but who just as vehemently recoiled at me slipping the harness over his face. Yes, Henry, it's tough when we're torn.  At last, after a patient wait, his eagerness overcame his reluctance.  He tentatively stepped up to the gate, the harness was quickly fastened and off we went.  In the same way, I am yielding to the necessity of mining the mundane and the unexpected in my life for "content".  And like Henry, both discovery and shared experience lure me, so, when the fear subsides, I trust I will enjoy the journey.  So, in 2013, I vow to blog more regularly.