Inspiration in the Mundane and Unceremonious

Each morning I enjoy a stroll around the historic Hot Springs area of Truth or Consequences.  As I set out, I look forward to delightful surprises - a mullein plant next to the sidewalk, cactus blooms, the sunrise reflecting on the Rio Grande, a conversation with a spa visitor, or greeting a neighbor.  Today was no exception.  

Though I've passed the intersection of Austin and Mims many times,  today I looked up and noticed something I had not seen previously - this patio cover of latillas with the ends carved and painted to resemble sharpened colored pencils. What a delight - something I've never seen before.  I love the humble and unceremonious ways that humanity's creative spirit delights and uplifts each of us. Thank you to the person who surrendered to their creative impulses becoming a vehicle for this wonderful patio cover.  I'm sure its creation uplifted you, but today it also brightened the world for me.  I'm thankful for this inspiration from the universe.    

Latillas that look like pencils.  At the corner of Austin and Mims in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Latillas that look like pencils.  At the corner of Austin and Mims in Truth or Consequences, NM.


Truth or Consequences, NM, new home to my studio

This little video tells the story of the great NM town that is new home to my studio. Across the street from Dust & Glitter and just past the El Cortez Theatre, you'll catch a glimpse of Light of the Soul, to open in March. I heartily encourage you to come experience this surprising little town for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

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Relocating my studio to Truth or Consequences, NM

My husband and I have always enjoyed summers in New Mexico.  For some time now, we've loved our off-the-grid adobe in the mountains of Catron County.  Retired now, we expect to spend a good part of each year here.  So I decided to relocate my studio here too.  In the Spring, I found a building in a quirky hot springs town on the banks of the Rio Grande River - Truth or Consequences.  Yes, that's the name - named after a 50's game show.  I will work and exhibit in an old bank building (circa 1917) at 411 Main Street. (Living quarters in the back too.)  I plan to open on 2nd Saturday Art Hop nights and event weekends.  Until then, there's lots to do.  This summer the roof was redone.  Now I'm painting inside and out.  Here are some photos.  The top photo is the building when I got it.  In the middle photo, the original building reveals itself as the "old western" facade and porch is removed.  The bottom photo is a view across the street.  More to be posted next week. 

Last week, in Palm Springs for the International Film Festival

Last week, I was in Palm Springs for the 2015 International Film Festival.  Fabulous films.  Such a beautifully organized event with astoundingly effective graphic design of a ton of information.  While in town, we enjoyed fabulous architecture,  fashion, food, furniture, jewelry, paintings, and sculpture, too.  Stunning visual design everywhere.  Here are a few glimpses of humble window display designs that were awesome.  I love fabulous design wherever it is.    

Frilly pink poodle at Ooh La La on Palm Canyon Drive


Fabulous fashion and jewels on an elegant mannequin at Fe Zandi Haute Couture on El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert.

Reflections of me and El Paseo Drive in this colorful abstract landscape by Tracy Lynn Pristas at the Filsinger Gallery in Palm Desert